8 things every woman should know about her car!

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8 things every woman should know about her car!

Some women have very limited knowledge about their cars and what they need to check or do in order to stay mobile and not get stranded, or how to handle an emergency! You may have road assistance and feel safe enough to rely on them, but there are certain things you should know about your car so that if you do happen to get stuck, you have some idea as to what to do. An added bonus is, if you get to know your way around your car, you’ll feel unbelievably empowered and you’ll have the skill set to help other women in need. (and maybe some men too!)

Here are 8 things every woman should know about her car!

Flat tyres and tyre pressure: 

We’re all constantly aware of all the potholes on the roads in South Africa and it’s nothing new to see a car driving next to you with a spare wheel on. If you hit a pothole or got a flat tyre, would you know how to change it? This is a much-needed skill to have in our day-and-time. Tyre pressure is also such an important element of your everyday driving. Our petrol stations have tyre pumps readily available. Check your tyre pressure at least once a month, or if you notice any change in your tyres. Find your tyre pressure (psi) on the tyre placard, on the inside of the door, glove box, fuel cap or sun visor.

Battery change:

No matter how well you treat your vehicle, car batteries still wear out every few years and need to be replaced. It’s just one of those regular maintenance items we deal with as car owners. Luckily, installing a new battery is a straightforward job. For safety purposes, always proceed to disconnect the negative cable first. Use your wrench to loosen the nut that connects the negative terminal of the battery, then proceed to remove the nut completely. One is marked positive (+), the other negative (-).

How to jumpstart with cables:

It’s very important for your safety to have a pair of jumper cables in the back of your car, in case of an emergency. If you have to connect jumper cables from your car to another car that has a working battery, it is important to know how to, as it can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly! There are positive and negative cables in the jumper cable set. The red one is positive (+), the black one is negative (-). Never connect the red cable to the negative battery terminal or a vehicle with a dead battery.


When a car overheats, it is best to stop your car immediately before the engine seizes (this is extremely costly!!). Do not open the hood until the car has completely cooled. When colled off, check the coolant level in the radiator. (If you are unsure where the components of the car are, go through your car manual. Make sure the radiator cap is cool before opening it. Slowly twist it off with a towel and beware of any hot steam.

Oil and Water:

This can be done at your nearest petrol station. There is no excuse for not checking this, as the petrol station attendants ask you at every fuel fill-up if you would like your oil and water checked. You should check your vehicle’s engine oil at least once a month and preferably more often. If your engine is burning oil or losing it through a slow leak, you’ll want to know this ASAP so you can inspect the issue and address the issue promptly.

Replacement of windshield wipers:

It is not safe to drive in rainy weather with mediocre windshield wiper blades. Wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or as soon as you notice a difference in driving visibility. When wiper blades no longer make proper contact with the windshield surface, they can begin to squeak, chatter, skip, smear or streak reducing driving visibility which is extremely dangerous!

How to turn on your hazard lights.

It might seem silly, but your hazards are what brings attention to your car if it’s on the side of the road in the dark or let’s other drivers know that something might be off with your car and to be aware of you and/or go around you. Each car has a button that you press to turn on your hazards. This will make both your left and right blinkers flash.

Danger signs: 

Look out for any danger signs regarding your car. From headlights being foggy, the engine light that is blinking on the dashboard and anything that looks out of the ordinary! It’s important for you as a woman to be safe when driving and you have to be observant at all times!

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